Chris Moschovitis was born and raised in Athens, Greece and moved to the United States in 1979. Here, he studied Physics, Computer Science, and Mathematics, receiving his Bachelors of Science degree from The College at Brockport in 1983. His follow-up graduate studies at the University of Rochester, and New York University include advanced courses in technology, management, and education. Following his move to New York City in 1985, Chris was appointed Director of Academic Computing at Pratt Institute, and in 1987 he was recruited by the O’Connor Group for the position of Vice President of Information Technology.

In 1989 Chris started his own company — the Information Technology Management Group. (“TMG”)— focused on providing independent technology management expertise and outsourcing services. TMG further expanded its Internet offerings in 2004 by investing in emedia – a prominent, award winning, and internationally acclaimed interactive software development firm, forming tmg-emedia. Today, over a quarter century later, tmg-emedia is one of the premier independent consulting firms in the country.

Over its history, tmg-emedia has had the privilege of working with several prestigious clients in various sectors of business, industry, services, media, e-business, and the non-profit world. Some examples include Allegaert Berger & Vogel, American Association of Advertising Agencies, The Atlantic Group, Bayer, Consumer Reports, Harvard Business Publishing, Highline Data, International Creative Management, Kellogg, Kress Foundation, LaSalle Academy, Lenox Financial Advisors, National Institutes of Health, Oxford University, Slate, Spire Capital, Spring Bank, Summit Business Media, Time Out North America, Tonix Pharma, Ultramar, and Wind Point.

Chris is co-author of the critically acclaimed “History of the Internet: 1843 to the Present” as well as a contributor to the “Encyclopedia of Computers and Computer History” and the “Encyclopedia of New Media.” He is cyber security certified (CSX, CISM), and an active member of ISACA, ISSA, IEEE, and AMA. Chris, in addition to his duties as CEO, personally leads the tmg-emedia cyber security team and delivers cyber security awareness training and consulting. He is an active speaker and writer, delivers workshops on a variety of topics, including Cyber Security, Digital Transformation and Interactive Strategy, Business Transformation, and Information Technology Strategy, Governance, and Execution.

Chris is the author of Cybersecurity Program Development for Business: The Essential Planning Guide. The book demystifies how to implement a cybersecurity program. Chris covers dozens of examples and cases, breaking down each element and detail needed to successfully launch and manage a cybersecurity program as an executive. If read cover-to-cover, this book acts as an all-inclusive guide. However, it can also act as a reference book – should you have individual questions.

He also maintains a blog called CEO-to-CEO. You can follow him on Twitter (@CMoschovitis) and at LinkedIn.

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