You heard about the Chief Technology Officer “CTO” or the Chief Information Officer “CIO?” Now, welcome to the age of CISO: Chief Information Security Office or ISO: Information Security Officer.

Why have a CISO/ISO? For one, in many industries, it is a mandated position! If you’re in the financial services industry in New York, for example, you must have a CISO or ISO in place.  Either in-house, or outsourced, but you must have one. They can also serve as the Data Protection Officer, another mandated position by the European Union GDPR regulation, helping you become GDPR compliant.

Second, and even more important, you cannot have cybersecurity report to either a CTO, or a CIO. That is a conflict of interest. Why? Cybersecurity protects value. Information Technologies create value. You cannot have one reporting into the other. Your cybersecurity function should report directly to the CEO or your board.

So, what do we do for you as your CISO / ISO? Everything! We work with you and your team to develop the most appropriate, pragmatic cybersecurity program. We then implement it, and run it. Soup-to-nuts! A one stop cybersecurity solution, tailor-fit to your company.

Contact us to getiTdone with exactly what you need, and nothing you don’t!