At the core of our cybersecurity services is monitoring your environment like a hawk, 24x7x365. Our monitoring systems continuously scan for threats, abnormalities, and any type of indication of compromise or breech, correlate telemetry across all your environments, process alerts, and respond to any cybersecurity incident immediately.

Our Governance, Risk, and Compliance “GRC” system, continuously performs operational risk management, including IT, Cyber, and Privacy risk, full audit management and control, 3rd party risk management, complete documentation, and regulatory compliance.

Our Security Orchestration Automation and Response “SOAR” systems continuously perform vulnerability management, threat analysis, telemetry analysis and in turn produce automated responses for specific threats and security incidents.

It all comes together at our Managed Detection and Response “MDR” Security Operations Center “SOC,” where in concert with our always-on, secure cloud Security Information and Event Management “SIEM” our experts analyze all alerts, eliminate false positives, and fully coordinate and execute incident response “IR” as necessary, 24x7x365.

Your dedicated cybersecurity experts work behind the scenes to keep you safe, ensure forensic evidence preservation and regulatory compliance. We report back to you with the most comprehensive set of reports that show you who, how, why, and what was done to protect you. That is how we keep you safe, and how we getiTdoneefficiently, when every second counts!