From K-12 to higher education; public schools to private and charter; and even professional learning associations, we have a deep understanding of what learning institutions need from a technology perspective in order to maximize learning, enhance digital security, and thrive. We also have a unique perspective on what fits where, when.

Our certified IT and cybersecurity consultants have worked with a wide variety of education clients like La Salle Academy; The Packer Collegiate Institute; ISACA’s Greater Hartford Chapter; Keller Independent School District; and the Roosevelt Institute build custom IT and cybersecurity programs specific to their particular goals, challenges, priorities, and budgets by first helping them come up with unbiased answers to these important questions:

  • What can innovations in technology do for my institution?
  • What are the right technologies and strategies to move my institution forward?
  • Are there opportunities my institution is missing because we don't have the right tech in place to manage our systems and protect our data?
  • Are there potential cost savings we are not achieving by not leveraging all the right tech in the right places?

And we can help you solve common education IT and cybersecurity problems like:

  • Gaining access to affordable expert resources
  • Building resilience and improving cybersecurity posture
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Cutting costs and improving service delivery and security
  • Focusing on what matters most—education—and leaving IT and cybersecurity to trusted experts and partners

Our client-tailored approach to managed technology services ensures that you get the IT and cybersecurity support that works for you—not just a standardized service package that may either be more than you need, or not enough.

Your success is our success. CONTACT US today for a FREE, no-strings-attached consultation and let's getiTdone with !

Too Much Success: When Growth Causes Tech Problems
A Managed IT Services Case Study from New York’s LaSalle Academy

"Schools closing." "Adjacent institutions merging." These are the headlines people are accustomed to seeing when it comes to Catholic schools, but the opposite is happening at LaSalle Academy, the 259-year-old Christian Brothers school on New York’s Lower Eastside.

When the school’s success story ushered in an IT crisis, the Technology Management Group (TMG), was right in the middle of it. Here’s what happened and the lessons we learned along the way.