There is a great saying in organizations: You don’t know what you don’t know. A smart administrator recognizes this and always asks questions.

Sometimes, when you’ve been immersed in the day-to-day of running your law firm, it’s important to recognize the need for an outside perspective. To answer questions like:

  • What can innovations in technology do for you?
  • What are the right technologies for your law firm?
  • Are there opportunities you are missing?
  • Are there potential savings you are not achieving?

Our consultants are experienced, their skills are deep and their exposure to different organizations offers a unique perspective on what fits where.

Case Study: New York City Law Firm

Our client, an established, successful law firm in New York city approached us with some very serious confidentiality concerns. One of the practice areas of the firm was working with very high-profile individuals whose confidentiality requirements were extremely stringent, so much so that other firms have passed on their business!
We were able to go through our playbook and customize a cybersecurity environment for the whole firm that accommodated all client requirements. Using encryption, air-gapped systems, and multi-factor authentication we were further able to isolate the extreme requirements of the high-profile clients without burdening the whole firm with an infrastructure that was overkill for all other accounts.

Their clients were satisfied with the outcome, and so was our client!