Your people and your time are your most valuable assets. When you have a question you don’t have the time to be playing around pushing buttons on a phone or listening to music-on-hold. You need answers, and you need answers now.

iTMG’s team of experts are available directly and immediately 24x7x365. You pick up the phone and you talk to your consultant immediately. You send an e-mail, and the response appears in your inbox. You send a text, and the reply is right there.

Plus, with our guaranteed 1-hour on-site response you know that someone will be right there to take care of things immediately. No question.

Our many support offerings are tailored to your business. There is no one-size-fits all. There are many cases that we work directly with your IT people. For example, we can be their backup when they are away or unavailable. We make sure that your IT team is successful by being an extra pair of expert hands. We also work with your teams in specific projects like upgrades or rollouts of new equipment, 24-hour support, or emergencies. Other times, we are all the support you need for your business. We make sure that you’re supported no matter what.

We never lose sight of one thing: Our experts are there to support your people. We do this by being proactive, available, and understanding. In short, we get service. Be it hardware, software, connectivity or any glitch we address the issue immediately and expertly. In no time we have you up-and-running, worry-free.

Call us today, and leave IT to us. Free yourself to do what you do best: Take care of your business.