Whether you talk business or are fluent in tech we speak your language. 

Founded in 1989 in New York by Chris Moschovitis, the Technology Management Group (TMG) has consistently innovated to provide the most affordable, pragmatic, and powerful IT Consulting, Managed IT,  and Managed Cybersecurity services to businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes, across the country and abroad.

No one is more obsessed with providing the optimal customer experience than Chris Moschovitis and the TMG team.  When it comes to your IT infrastructure and cybersecurity, only the best, most exerienced, and most awarded firm will do to keep you  running smoothly and successfully.

Your success is our success. 

The Most Referred Managed IT and Cybersecurity Firm in the Industry!

Managed Cybersecurity

Save Money. Get Peace of Mind.
Never Worry About Cybersecurity Again!

TMG's industry-first Managed Cybersecurity solution is cyberCTRL—the first and only complete solution to govern, manage, comply, protect, respond to, and recover from cybersecurity and privacy risks. With a robust set of services and more in-depth cybersecurity coverage than ever, cyberCTRL is here to change the game and give you more for less cost and far less headache.

Our experienced, internationally ranked and certified cybersecurity and privacy consultants (ISACA, ISC2, IAPP) protect all aspects of your business, no matter where you are in the world, 24x7x365. From complete cybersecurity and privacy program development, implementation, and maintenance; cybersecurity and privacy audits; penetration testing and vulnerability scanning; and GDPR, CCPA, NYDFS, PCI, and HIPAA compliance, to cybersecurity and privacy awareness training, incident response, and forensics, we are your one-stop source for all your cybersecurity and privacy needs.

Our expert team is here to support your business' end-to-end cybersecurity requirements through:

Cybersecurity-as-a- Service (CaaS) & Privacy-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Our solutions cover your company end-to-end for an affordable, pragmatic, and set monthly fee.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC); Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR);
Managed Detection and Response (MDR); and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

We're your one-stop shop for GRC, SOAR, MDR, and SIEM services through our ultra-secure, state-of-the-art, cloud solution—cyberCTRL.

Incident Response & Disaster Recovery

We are there for you, always.  From planning to response, we are there, in the trenches with you.  We develop your business-critical Incident Response and Disaster Recovery plans. We also test and maintain them in alignment with your business continuity and risk management strategy. And if something happens, we are there to get you out of crisis, fast.

24x7x365 Security Appliance Management

We're always on it. We monitor all your hardware (e.g.  firewalls, proxy servers, routers, concentrators, computers, tablets, phones, IoT, etc.) and all your applications and workflows.

Antivirus & Anti-malware  End-Point Security

We install and manage all of your antivirus and antimalware end-point security with best-of-breed solutions, including email filtering, SPAM, ransomware protection, and data loss protection.

Intrusion Prevention, Intrusion Detection & Mobile Device Management

We install and maintain all of your intrusion prevention and detection systems, and manage your mobile devices.

24x7x365 Guaranteed Response

We're always there for you—in person and remotely—as you need us, for any cybersecurity issue, including incident response and forensics.

Key Cybersecurity Role Outsourcing

Need a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Information Security Officer (ISO), Privacy Officer, or Data Protection Officer (DPO), but don't have the budget or infrastructure to hire someone full-time? We've got you covered. Our most senior consultants have been there, done that.  We can step in and hit the ground running, giving you the expertise you need at a price you can afford.


Managed IT

Save Money. Get Peace of Mind.
Never Worry About IT Again!

The Technology Management Group (TMG) is a national center of excellence for proven, dependable, all-inclusive, and affordable business Information Technology solutions delivered by experienced, university-trained, and industry-certified professionals. We are a recognized leader in the space serving clients across the U.S. for 30+ years.

Think of us as your IT team of experts, your tech advocates, and a true business partner that is dedicated to your success as much as we are our own.

Our expert team is here to support your business' end-to-end IT needs through:

Cloud Migrations & Services

Having been in business for over three decades placed us at the forefront of several breakthrough technologies that today we all take for granted.  We were there when the first “clouds” were being spun up.  We have migrated dozens of clients successfully not just to the cloud; we migrated them to the right cloud, properly configured and sized, expertly managed and secured.  The benefits of moving to the cloud are many: affordability, scalability, and flexibility to name a few.  But the problems can be just as many if you don’t do it right.  Experience matters, be it on-premises, on a hybrid cloud, a private cloud, or deployed on a public one.

Server & Network Installations & Management

Our certified experts can design, install, and run all of your IT infrastructure everywhere—be it at multiple offices, remote workers’ homes, or any place on the planet.  This includes your cloud systems, your local area networks, your laptops, desktops, servers, and data storage as well as your phone system; cell phones; and tablets.  Do you have a team in place?  Our experts will work with your in-house people to augment their skills, capacity, and response times.

24x7x365 Emergency & Non-Emergency Tech Support

Our IT experts are always there to help and provide expert tech support for all your people, in person and remotely. Our network operations center (NOC) can monitor your systems 24x7x365, ensuring integrity and availability, preventing minor issues from becoming crippling problems.  All this is delivered pragmatically and affordably.  One flat monthly fee covers it all.

Chief Information Officer (CIO) & Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Outsourcing

By outsourcing your Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Technology Officer (CTO) role to us, you get the benefit of a team of experts across industries that will come together to design the perfect technology menu for your company and your appetite.

IT & Cybersecurity Strategy & Business Transformation

From strategy to execution, we are there for you.  Our senior CIO and CTO consultants prepare your custom IT strategic plan, your IT budget, and we manage all your technology so that it aligns with your business, year after year.

Telework and Telecommuting Services
From remote IT support to remote cybersecurity support and everything in-between, our 24x7x365 support staff is there to ensure your remote workforce is always enabled and protected.

Cost Savings

We procure your hardware and software directly from the manufacturers, at significant discounts, and eliminate unnecessary overhead.

Instant, Effective Communications

It is not enough to be the best.  You need a partner that can stand next to you and articulate your technology strategy, generate value through it, and have the expertise to protect it.  You need a partner that will pick up the phone in the middle of the night and know what to do.  All of us at TMG take great pride in being that partner for you and your business.