• Cloud Migrations

    Working from the cloud frees your business from the bounds of your office space! No more slow VPN connections, dropped sessions, or remote controlling one computer with another. You’ll be working directly with a powerful, robust cloud infrastructure that includes not only your servers, databases, and the rest, but even your desktops and laptops.

    We have extensive experience migrating data and applications to Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Egnyte.

    We will assess your specific needs, develop a plan together, and have you migrated in no time at all.

  • Virtual Desktops

    A virtual desktop replaces your physical device with a virtual environment on the cloud, available on-demand, from anywhere in the world, from any device, even your smartphone.

    All your software runs on the virtual desktop, exactly as if you were sitting at your desk in your office. There is no loss of functionality, and the benefit of accessibility from everywhere cannot be overstated. The only thing you need is a connection, and you’re all set!

    We will work with you to understand your virtual desktop requirements, and have you up-and-running in not time with the right, affordable, virtual desktop system for your business!

  • Cloud Phones

    Cloud telephony (or cloud calling, cloud PBX, virtual PBX, etc.) are all part of communications as a service (UCaaS). Essenstially, the offering replaces expensive, on-premise, PBX and telephones, with a cloud-based unified solution that provides for all the features that an in-house system has, plus a lot more.

    Everything that you’re used to and expect is there (auto-attendants, phone menus, personalized extensions, call forwarding, voice mail, etc.) plus integration of the phone system with your smart phone and desktop applications, including features like “follow me” which has your office extension ring on your cell phone, anywhere in the world!

    We will work with you to understand your specific telecommunications requirements, and have you up-and-running in not time with the right, affordable, custom cloud phone system for your business!